Fun and games and Kiwi country

Sooo the Queensland Brisbane Broncos won the grand final. This I know and it was a good game but marred somewhat by disturbers of the peace; yeah they did have a beer or 20 under their belt. Ah well its over for another year so I might yak about China wanting to work in the land of the long white cloud which for those not in the know is two Islands to the South of us called New Zealand. It appears that the Chinese RED Government wants our neighbours across the Tasman to allow some of their skilled workers in some sort of planned free trade agreement deal. Personally I would not have a bar of it and it seems that Phil Goff the NZ trade minister reckons the subject a bit thorny and I agree PHIL Mate but I guess you have to weigh the pros and cons of it all; I’ve done that for you and the answer is a flat no in my opinion. All the same I’m glad I don’t live there. It was bad enough when the Japanese started a buying spree up here in Qld, golf courses and resorts hell that really stuck in a lot of folk’s craws and now this, I hope Downer doesn’t get the same idea although we have many of them here so he may have!!! This is a quote by the New Zealand Construction industry council Chairman “Richard Michael saying his members would prefer to fill jobs with New Zealanders, for the best long-term payoff in retaining their skills in this country. Any labour deal with China would have to address cultural and language issues and he supported unions in urging protection of local employment conditions” unquote and I agree with that one billion % the Chinese have had envious eyes on Australia and New Zealand for some years now.Indeed that rat Mao or one of his peasant mob actually said that. I do understand of course that life in China cannot be easy and I am not knocking the ordinary folk only the Greedy big noises who live in this Communist Democracy of sorts. So it seems all western nations will be taken over soon. You can tell I just love them can’t you lol. Inspired by a report from the New Zealand {Herald}. http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping *********************************************************************************

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