Wake up call or scandals in the Federal government of the USA

Personally I hope there are many thus aiding their defeat hopefully. It does seem they have a battle on their hands now and one cannot in my opinion relate the misdeeds of Foley, a six-term veteran and chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children; to Bill Clinton; it seems to me Bill made some blunders but then don’t we all. When it comes to children it is put into another light altogether and Bill was never guilty of such (to me a sickening thing) he just had an eye for the ladies; quite normal not like FOLEY whom I would not allow to step into my apartment one bit. I do believe you are endeavouring to stay on top of this George. ********************************************************* I feel sorry in a way for George as he sure has some sickos under his wing I think he has been ill-advised on most of his decisions; this is my opinion. All political leaders are prone to satire but [and I am guilty as charged re ridiculing him] I don’t think he is quite the dummy we make him out to be. And now these revelations well I just don’t know, I reckon Rice should get the ass (fired) and quite a few others including the Joint Chiefs; the buck stops with George, get rid of them mate, no good hangers on are never the best. I know this from experience; we have quite a few here in Australia, it reminds me of a General reviewing his troops with a bloody great crocodile of underlings following in his wake, no pun intended either. This law you allowed to get through the senate has taken away a lot of freedom in your country THIS from one if not the world’s biggest democracy. Not a wise thing to do mate most unwise in fact. Next thing we know you will become an autocrat with a slight difference a very rich autocrat. I always thought a referendum was required before a severe step such as this senate business obviously I was wrong Having said all this I hope your party are defeated in the midterm elections why not bring the troops home from Iraq in the main. You could look better just go on TV ignore the prompt boards and tell your people they are coming home; do this after these elections of course. {Source} ********************************************************************

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