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Hungry cops

They sure never starved at least The bill it seems for feeding the New South Wales Police Service in some operation came to a staggering half a million dollars thank goodness the rest of Australia did not have to foot the bill. This is being debated as I write I believe but the poor old NSW taxpayer will have to cough up the Dollars boy am I glad I live in Queensland. This is a direct quote “Despite the food business downturn, at least one company did well. It submitted four bills for a total of more than $460,000 worth of food it supplied police in December and January The food included lunch and dinner for up to 567 officers, and barbecue buffet meals. But what was in all these meals, and what police ate on Christmas Day, was blacked out to avoid giving rival catering companies an edge and they did well by it as well it seems! yep I should have been a Cop LOL Sling over another bottle of that Chardonnay mate would yah my glass is empty. Course we still have homeless who receive hardly any food never mind Christmas tucker. A tip for the homeless join the NSW Police Service not for them fast food no sir imagine this if you will at these keepers of law and order scoffing this whilst you poorer disadvantaged folk may not even get this to eat on Christmas day yes they do open here on that day ok. Staggering really if you read this report. Sydney Morning Herald.

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