Little big man

This is beyond me to be honest. Why doesn’t Bush just ask for peace talks he does with all other spats going around the world at this present time eg Israel, Palestine Hezbollah etc although he will not commit to North Korea I notice. A suggestion George why not ask for peace talks with the Moslem fundamentalists it can’t get any worse than the mess we are all in now in my humble opinion. You would be surprised at the number of folk out in the world today who would not consider you weak for doing this. On the other hand mate most of us think you a blatant warmonger and this bill you got by the senate seems to absolve you of all your own crimes against ordinary Americans. You sport are bloody rich you know that (look that up it’s an Australian euphemism) some would say a mongrel dog. You may be outrageous over 9/11 I think I would have been but your actions afterwards and press releases about ah well Iraq is next. Words fail me just vanish down the tubes will yah. If there was a world rating on great men you would not even make the list. {Source} http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping

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