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Should copying your own CDs should be legal This is the view of The Institute for Public Policy Research who is calling for a private right to copy. Lets face it if we are honest lots of us do this what’s the big deal a copy has to be purchased first before its copied or burnt as its called. This of course is being mooted in the UK but I guess if it’s adopted most countries will do it. Can I still sell mine if that’s the case lol? Usually it’s done for private use but there may be ways of stopping fly by night mobs that spring up overnight and do it for profits, I guess that will be looked into. BBC ************************************************************* Re the Google takeover of You tube and copyright laws yeah they seem to have been a tad unwise and from what I read it seems that some of us and I include myself here may have uploaded clips to YouTube and may very well have infringed the copyright laws. I do know that on the odd occasion I have uploaded a clip and You Tube have rejected it and warned me and yet I usually check with the clip info and one in particular was rejected and it was a private movie clip. I upload to another site now as well; this particular site allows me to use anything on it so I use them at times. No it is not my space as I was really messed around with my space when it arrived in Australia. I had a few complaints with them wrote to them never heard anything. I just deleted the account; I was warned if I did delete it I could never join again; I still deleted it and 6 weeks later received a reply in answer to my complaint and stating "don’t be complaining all the time " I ignored it of course. Yet I have heard good reports about it. What bugs me with the likes of You Tube is the way folk subscribe to your videos and expect you to drop everything to go log on every 5 minutes or so and reply. I only use it to embed the code on my blog and the links are handy for sending videos by e-mail. Why Google wanted to acquire it is to me plain greed as they have their own video site, mind you Google are more alert on theirs; I won’t use them as it can take days to get an upload approved and that’s no good if you wish to use it on a blog. BBC ***************************************************** On a happier note I decided to get an external USB plug in hard drive on Sunday so basically what I have been doing today is transferring a lot of unwanted info and images, oh yes and video clips into a folder I created on it called crap to be sorted out later lol. Will I ever get around to it well yeah one day I guess lol but I can just put it in a little overnight bag if I go visit and plug in to my host’s computer even saves e-mailing them stuff cool huh!! And it has a good point in that no more CD-RW’S need be used again as I have noticed that after a few months no matter how good the brand they seem to deteriorate. DVD’S for burning are of course another matter. A dinky thing I reckon as shown here,I must admit I love that red mouse of mine, that's a dinky little thing as well I reckon; I love the way it glows in the dark. ********************************************************

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