A National Icon banned in the USA

A national icon banned in the USA Well there’s no accounting for taste It tastes like crap to me. Some Australians like Vegemite and it seems that Aussies living in the USA are to be denied their Vegemite on toast for Brekkie in the morning. All because it has Folate deemed illegal by the Food and administration, mind you under a technicality it is used in the USA **I don’t quite get the technicality bit myself** Mind you if our cousins in the USA wish to keep offside with 3 or 4 of the Australian population who live there deport them who really cares Kraft spokeswoman Joanna Scott said: "The (US) Food and Drug Administration doesn't allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folic acid.'' The US was "a minor market'' for Vegemite, she said most likely what I find odd is it's owned by Kraft a US concern what's more it's not on Dick Smith’s list of genuine Aussie tucker and goods. Good ole Dick loves his country and is making a fast Buck along the way and why not. I thought everyone should know this very important fact meanwhile folk are still getting killed in Iraq; while a story like this gets headlines; I don't get it who really cares about vegemite lets be honest peoples. From News Australia ******************************************************** All this bull regarding North Korea, This is all very interesting but I still cannot understand all the hullabaloo about it if this joker Kim Jong-11 wants N Korea to be a completely secretive communist state who the hell cares I sure don’t? It seems Condi is exasperated with everything related to this incident so I read. She’s not the only one exasperated either I AM for sure as Blogger is really acting up today, in fact these last couple of days which stretch into nights are wearing a bit thin. I do wish blogger could get their act together Ah I hear you mutter but it’s free; I totally agree but one wonders whether Google have taken on too much in their battle against the Gate’s Empire. Their other services are very good in my opinion especially regarding news and search engines still one can’t have everything I guess. To briefly return to the N Korean episodes I am thinking of conducting my own nuclear tests and not underground either, it seems the info on how to make a nuclear device has been on the web for some years now. Will this guarantee me a visit from the US Secretary of State is what I’m asking here WOW my sleepy little town will be on the map, I shall offer her tea and Vegemite sandwiches naturally. I'm just hoping my family will pay my bail. LOL. ************************************************************* Finally I was really touched today. Many thanks Georgina for a wonderful day My Daughter took me for a birthday lunch at Noosaville a few kilometres from Noosa Heads. A real expensive affair looking at the menu I baulked a bit at the prices but was assured I could have just what I wanted, so I had a pre-drink of an imported beer Stella Artois a Belgium beer a favourite with Brit troops in Egypt. I last had one on a trip to the UK and found I liked it. A whole bottle of Riesling (Australian naturally) which in my opinion is far superior to European White wine, a fantastic meal whatever I wanted to order and it was not cheap I assure you. I was especially touched when the quartet burst into happy birthday and all came over and shook my hand; I was eating my favourite desert at the time ordered by my Daughter Rhubarb crumble. Sometimes I misjudge my gal at times I think as it certainly made my day. Below are a couple of pics I took of the place in one you can see Noosa Heads in the background a Mediterranean kind of place bistros on the foot paths etc. Please excuse the wobbly writing Whoops typing LOL. All images are clickable. **********************************************

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