Shades of Stalin

To be a bit blunter who else but North Korea So Kim Jong-il is acting like a petulant schoolboy again or is he well that remains to be seen. Personally I think he is basking in all the attention he is receiving for a person who likes the limelight he sure has a peculiar way of showing it. All people living in this strict regime hardly know anything of the outside world except the few who have whizzed over the border into Red China. These few who were sent back were amazed at the conditions there almost one could say westernised. According to a Western observer in Pyongyang who wishes to remain anonymous, {not that I blame him/her} reports that every aspect of a North Korean’s life is controlled by the state, this is not the life for me and although life is not always rosy in a true democracy {are there any true ones} I know where my fortunes are. According to this report from the BBC This loony toon blames yes you are right, the *USA* calls them warmongers; he unfortunately got that bit right sadly with the Republican Administration at the helm. This does not apply to the ordinary Americans, they know as do I that sooner or later their present administration will be no more and they are fed up with all this posturing and warmongering and want their military home and be left alone, geez that rhymed lol. The UK and Australia are right in there with the Bush administration as well. Elections are looming in all three countries so who knows Surely Kim must know this um well maybe not but I think otherwise. The way this observer put it there is only one TV station; the announcer told the people they ought to be proud of this test, it was a good thing, and so they believe it. If this is the case they are in my opinion like a herd of sheep personally I don’t think so. Story’s of the west filter through, they must so I reckon they know they are in a catch 22 situation. Thinking of it in this light maybe this loony should be harassed a tad more; maybe the Chinese will earwig him about it, I certainly hope he is disposed very quickly if this were to happen This scenario is so much like the old USSR; it has to go in my fervent opinion and the sooner the better. For all the whinging and whining that this Kim bloke is doing re the USA in particular if a terrible disaster were to happen in North Korea; the USA would be one of the first to offer aid. There is a video on the site and a lot of related sites so it makes for some informative reading. ***********************************************************

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