Could there be light at the end of the tunnel.

Let us hope so At least someone in command of the British forces seems to have the guts to speak out about this terrible war in Iraq. All coalition forces and innocent civilians caught up in this nightmare are just fodder for these insurgents in the country of Iraq, its starting to turn into another Vietnam it sticks out a mile. It looks like you may lose your job Sir Richard but I and no doubt millions around the globe will applaud you I know I will. WELL DONE SIR for speaking out in your own country. This war will be in my opinion the undoing of the Blair government and hopefully the Bush administration; millions in the United States feel as you do as do thousands here in my country; (take note Howard), Perhaps you could be persuaded to take over from our Defence chief once Howard is ousted. Source 1 Source 2 Sir Richard By the way is no coward and won the Military Cross at the young age of 22 ***********************************************************

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