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Trouble with one’s kin. I have been pestered lately by my daughter who I guess means well but seems to volunteer me for all kinds of jobs to folk I don’t even know; never asks me of course I don’t even live near her now well a 15 minute drive is all So I got a bit shirty with her about it as it had been arranged for her to take me to a birthday luncheon and she mentioned it as a lever for me to do this job; she’s good at that I just put the phone down on her and thought the hell with it; this morning early she rang to remind me it was on but still had the Gaul to mention this job I was well half asleep it’s true but flabbergasted all the same so muttered yeah right and hung up and left it off the hook and my mobile or cell phone switched off Was I wrong or what ah who cares now to something of much more concern in my opinion. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our diplomatic crisis Seems we are having a diplomatic crisis here in Australia with the Papuan New Guinea government friends and close neighbours of ours for years now are it seems not doing the right thing in fact they have harboured Australian lawyer Julian Moti and secretly flown him back to his country of origin the Solomon Islands, the Howard liberal or conservative Government has stepped up attacks on Papua New Guinea for providing a military plane to fly fugitive Australian lawyer Julian Moti out of the country. PNG ministers denied involvement of course but according to Australian intelligence, there was high level official involvement, Reports out of Port Moresby yesterday revealed that corrupt payments of $48,000 had been made to the two PNG defence pilots who conducted the illegal flight. Frankly I can quite believe that as well. This Moti character who by the way has now lost his Australian citizenship has been accused of some crime involving young children something stinks as why flee like he did. He is now in gaol in Honoraria the capital of the Solomon’s this is another government we have helped given aid to just the same as the PMG government Andrew Downer is quite wild about the whole affair and for once I agree with him why waste hard earned taxpayers money on corrupt regimes! still we are not alone in that are we looking at the UK and the USA who have done similar things and sadly will continue unless they are stopped see Source ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Australia to ban N Korean ships I personally feel we are doing this just to keep in with our allies as what harm can they do for heavens sake They have their neighbour Red China behind them and I don’t think the Chinese wish for N Korea to stir up the west over this even though they reluctantly agreed in the UN Security Council to abide by the West’s wants I consider we are going overboard on all this but I could be wrong having said that consider this; this is quote from Downer addressing the house of representatives "I think this is appropriate. Members may recall a few years ago the so-called Pong Su incident, where a North Korean vessel unloaded large quantities of heroin on the Victorian coast," unquote. I fail to see the relevance between illegal drugs and nuclear testing but Downer does it seems see source ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At least 98 killed in Sri Lanka blast A news item that has been prominent lately and I must stress this has been actually happening for years but I have never read it on a blog only my newspapers. SUSPECTED Tamil Tiger suicide bombers have killed at least 98 people and wounded 150 when they drove a truck packed with explosives into buses full of sailors in northeast Sri Lanka. This does not surprise me in the least in fact some cricket teams refused to play there in a world cup series and so forfeited the game and lost points into the bargain. These terrorists are fighting for their independence in the North East of the Island I don’t support the way they are going about it but my question is why can’t they have their independence and why is the UN not looking into this; they should be in my opinion. A beaut Island as well I have been there, much wildlife is there also some endangered species. Tea is grown there possibly harvested by Tamil workers I am not certain of that. Could be a reason I guess! Source *****************************************************

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