I have heard and read it all now

Well I thought I had I know that terrorists are causing security problems it goes without saying but now what looks on the surface to be a kind of solution that could work is an infringement of our civil liberties. It seems that those whackos those so called scientists have thought to tag us as common felons if we travel by air. Yep that’s what I have just read in my BBC bulletin I receive in my mail box each evening. Here’s the go when a passenger checks in for a flight he is going to be issued with a tag which will not show any data, I’m starting to get confused here now really befuddled, upon reading further in the future it seems if this gets off the ground it could incorporate biometric data, now correct me if I’m wrong but if it does not contain data why bring that point up and in the next sentence say well it could incorporate data, I cant see how it could work if it didn’t myself. Closed circuit cameras will be used well they are already used now what’s the big deal here. The issue of infringement of civil liberties will also be a key; too damm right it will be. But potentially, said Dr Brennan, the tags could aid security by allowing airports to track the movement patterns of passengers deemed to be suspicious and prevent them from entering restricted areas. These gadgets only have a range of accuracy up to one metre that’s around three feet three inches not that crash hot is it. Furthermore this system is about to be tested at Debrecen airport in Hungary. If successful, claims one of these egg heads, it could be available elsewhere within two years. Odd how its to be tested there when most terrorist attacks are aimed at the USA, the UK, Australia etc, I have not as yet heard of terrorists in Hungary although it has happened in the Russian Federation, not at an airport as I recall but a movie theatre. There has to be another way surely than this idea and whatever happened to the sky Marshalls according to Wikki very few airlines have them, I know there were huge lengthy debates about them here in Australia but the idea never got off the ground really **excuse the pun** I see they are also developing a scanner for explosives now that I’ll go along with. I’ve also read on a friend’s blog about body searches and the enthusiasm if a female was being searched which to me is a bloody disgrace this was not on blogger either a dating site which had a Blog I think. Far better by far I think to develop these so called photon scanners than tagging innocents. Taser or Tazer guns next folks. BBC Wikipedia Sky Marshall **********************************************************************

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