Before I get stuck in to you Mr. Premier your record so far. Hospitals waiting Lists in an appalling state and getting worse. Your proposed cut in stamp duty while commendable will be at the expense of folk waiting for surgery I presume! The $54 million proposal for parenting, reading and school safety I suppose that will be at the expense of folk who need surgery as well? Explain parenting please; I understood it to be raising a family well families are raised always have been and always will so for starters that is the weakest lamest thing I have ever read and you propose $54 million good grief man do you honestly think we are dimwits. Now lets see what other hare brained scheme you mooted ah here’s another new environmental walks in three areas of the state one of which is mine. This is not fully explained; what do we want that for exactly local councils can do stuff like that out of the rates they charge which strangely enough in my area are spiraling out of control. Getting worse than the Gold coast here but you want to allocate money towards it at the expense of senior citizens because they and the disadvantaged suffer the most. Also these men and women on the councils are paid huge payments rate payer's money again so tax payers as well. In fact I had quite a shock to read somewhere that the local Mayor of the Sunshine Coast who also has full time employment receives around $10.000 a year one wonders if this is a tax free payment I do at least. I guess what I am trying to say here is get rid of all these petty councilors put government managers in with orders to CUT COSTS, that way at least you would have some justification for all this allocation of money which has really been available all along, you would not make a good poker player mate that's for sure. I am not accusing my local council or administration if you like but I do recall in NSW some Sydney administration was taken over by the state government of that state; things ran a lot smoother after that it even happened to the Lord Mayor’s administration in the City of Sydney. Its time Peter to ponder on these rash statements of yours at the expense of the disadvantaged; and we are many. $60 million I see you have rashly stated for extra buses for Brisbane (naturally) the Gold coast and a southern suburb called Logan and here’s the kicker only 487 additional hospital beds spaced out over 5 years only 487 beds Good grief what the hell is wrong with you. Instead of allocating money off the top of your head think of folk like that for a change. I have always voted labour as a matter of principle as I loathe conservatism but I am now having a long think about this maybe independent is the way to go if some managed to get elected your grandiose plans could well be thwarted a plan it seems at our expense. One more whinge and I’m through. Where oh where have you been squirreling this money as it has been in the Qld coffers or should have been methinks some thing is rotten in the state of Denmark Ur Sorry Queensland; you pork barreled the money somewhere just get off your high horse with the B/S Pete. [Brisbane Courier Mail] ````````````````````````````

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