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From the land down under as folk from the Northern Hemisphere often refer to Australia,

Everything it seems is in reverse here even our Cyclones (Hurricanes) which spin the other way and yes even when water is emptied from the bathtub; seasons naturally except when one gets above the Tropic of Capricorn when just the two are present; the wet and dry seasons usually in Townsville and Darwin.

Where brains are concerned it is of course a different matter entirely; contrary to the European myth we are not dense or thick at all; sorry people it had to be said as I have heard it so much it tends to stick in ones craw.

I hear the weather is crook up in the north with snow etc; indeed I have seen pictures and I think I will stay put as cold weather is not exactly my cup of tea as we say, however I do admit our weather has whilst hot been wet; the usual electrical storms and so forth.

Here are a few links for you to look at until I post again

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