Have you ever noticed with the holidays we have each year how they seem to get more and more; how each one gets more elaborate as every year goes by. We here in Australia seem to get lots of public holidays, now I’m not against them per se but have you noticed how commercalised they get each year. How some occur on different dates depending on the state one lives in; I have listed the states and territories here for roaming Bloggers to cast their critical eyes at. Holidays in Australia National Queensland New Years Day January 1 Labour Day May 7 Valentines day February 14 RNA Show Day (Brisbane Only) August 16 Australia Day Holiday (except Victoria) January 26 Good Friday April 13 Easter Monday April 16 Western Australia Anzac Day April 25 Labour Day March 5 Queen's Birthday except WA June 11 Foundation Day June 4 Christmas Day December 25 Queen's Birthday October 1 Australian Capital Territory Tasmania Canberra Day March 19 Regatta Day February 13 Bank Holiday Devenport Cup Day January 3 Labour Day October 1 Devenport Show Day November 3 New South Wales Burnie Show Day October 5 Bank Holiday Launceston Show Day October 11 Labour Day October 1 Hobart Show Day October 25 Recreation Day November 5 Victoria Northern Territory Labour Day March 12 Labour Day May 7 Alice Springs Show Day July 6 Melbourne Cup Day November 6 Tennant Creek Show Day July 13 South Australia Katherine Show Day July 13 Adelaide Cup Day May 21 Darwin Show Day July 27 Labour Day October 1 Picnic Day August 6 Proclamation Day Holiday Then of course there are those little extra days that whilst I for one do not mind it always seems to end up with extra cash that most cannot afford being spent. Days like say Mother’s day a deserving thing and then Father’s day bobbed in. Ok so Dad wanted a look in but I think you are getting the drift. If you are in your sixties well did you have an Easter Bunny I think not; still I don’t mind that one and I see you chuckle but my wife and I always gave our grandchildren bunnies as soon as they burst on the scene ( no not the kids the bunnies) as we discovered that our grandchildren did not get their Chocolate eggs we bought them; their own parents were scoffing them. I myself am now waiting a senior citizen’s day twice yearly naturally as apparently we forget days to remember lol

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