New Years Eve 2005

Another year almost gone again makes you wonder where the year went to; me I just want to slow things down a bit. The usual round of parties will go on I guess like they always have; me well I stopped going years ago really but I am not a wowser by any means, question of finance and health I guess. I guess Buck junior will have a few grogs or take his missus out for a feed. Most likely get stuck into some Vino with the tucker. I don't know about my daughter but I have just got off the phone to her. I haven't been to well lately got a crook foot and I am only just starting to get the right treatment after a good ten days of being messed around. Just had an e-mail from my youngest sister in the old Dart coming out here for a visit AGAIN she's always here; still it will be good to see her again and her husband, who in my opinion is a top bloke. They are coming to visit our Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, a beaut place but expensive to get to. And the Whitsunday Islands, so I will drive up for a couple of days; oh yes her Daughter who lives in Sydney is coming up so it should be good. Am going to try get some shut eye so I just phoned the two of my children who live near me and wished them an early Happy New Year well, it was only 90 minutes early. And a very happy and prosperous New Year to my readers

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