Saturday's happenings at Buck's place

I was surfing the net today a daily ritual and I came across this picture of two American Seabees helping out, well overseeing things by the look of it; in Muzaffarabad Pakistan; correct me if I am wrong here but is Pakistan a Moslem country; yes I thought so we help them and their neighbours in Afghanistan bomb the crap out of us. I sort of had a laugh at the Brits and Americans complaining or whinging as we Aussies would say at Libya for allegedly illegally jamming a couple of their satellites. Ok so what; the whole world is sick of terrorists I agree but we used satellites to spy on Libya and countries considered enemies of the west for years and still do; are or will we take a complaint from one of our enemies? I think not. I know I wouldn’t. I noticed they were in the main US Military diplomatic and wonders of wonders the good old FBI oh and of course the sports channels. Still I don’t really give a rat’s a**e myself but I could not help but secretly smile. And I wonder did you read about one of our blokes who applied for bail in Uganda name of Dr Aggrey Kiyingi a good old Aussie name that lol. Still his lawyer had a good old Ugandan name of Fred; I just love that Charged with murder of course I mean what else; refused naturally as he apparently only handed in his Aussie passport not his Ugandan one. I hear folks in the USA have one of ours as well another Doctor name of Patel sounds Indian to me ah but what the heck; I do recall him doing something wrong here and fled.

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