I am now recalling those buzz Bombs,they made a weird kind of droning noise most unusual and we were instructed in School if we heard or saw one to lay on our stomachs in the gutter with our stomachs raised; I know why so someone obviously asked, it was in case it detonated close by to prevent the stomach from the shock wave or something like that. Dad went to the far East towards the end of 1941 I guess and got out of Singapore the day before she fell to the enemy; I can now vaguely recall him at times but I am finding it hard, some things I can recall quite easily and others not so well. I have just recalled having a brother born in 1942 and I had to lug him around in a fully enclosed Gas mask, . apparently we had been threatened with gas attacks; I now recall mine it was a Micky Mouse one, mother just had a normal one. We actually had to do drills with the thing; I often wondered why I had to carry My Brother around so as you can most likely guess I was always late home. Big surprise mother took me and brother to the Portsmouth Harbour Railway Station Dad was back it seems from some hospital in Cairo Egypt on the way back from the far East his first words to me were I have a present for you; he certainly did it was a huge Jar of sweets; he had forgotten my brother, name of Tony course mother made me share; I was not happy about that; one year later the war would be over but I don"t think I had thought that far ahead. I now recall this other weapon the Enemy used;the V2 which so I have read in later years was a proper Rocket. These were apparently targeted at London and I vaguely overheard Mother and Dad talking about them as he had to go to London to a Medical board. He told me some yarns I tell you I believed them at the time but not now lol. some were true as he did get a job after the war with the aircraft company that put the first British Jet Fighter into service with the R.A.F and it seems these aircraft used to fly up to these buzzbombs and tilt their wings and send them back from where they came from; but usually shot them down. These other things were not that easily dealt with he said, here is a shot of the Aircraft; I actually got a ride in one some time after the war when I was in the Air Cadets; I got a ride in a two seat trainer, I think I was 14 years old then so an exciting experience. As more things come into my head I shall record them, I guess it would be nice for them to be in sequence but life is not like that; enjoy what there is; I do hope my children read them properly.

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