Sydney's Shame

This is definitely one situation we do not need to be facing in Queensland but it appears that our NSW drunks have been sending text messages to us up here. Some of the photographs have shocked our local cops up here me too as well. One guy an ex NSW cop said he moved up here to escape the violence in the Sydney outer suburb of Cronulla. He is now a civilian living up here on the Sunshine Coast. I did read somewhere he is planning to leave here with his family in ten years time as he thinks this type of thing will move north, I think the guy is right; all the same he does not have much faith in our Police service. I think they will do ok myself I know our boys and gals in blue are up to scratch in this thing; but it is still a nasty situation to be in. These quotes are courtesy of the Sunshine coast daily One photograph of the recent violence showed an angry mob armed with beer bottles preparing to strike at a single officer. It is these kinds of images that have struck at the heart of some Coast police officers. But in a situation like that (Cronulla), it could very easily turn ugly and I don't know what kind of ¨protection we would have.¨ Another police officer said she had no doubt we had entered a new era of policing in Australia¡¨. We don't have tear gas bombs or water bombs which is why we havent been trained to use them. A police spokesperson said the Sunshine Coast police continually monitor community relations to detect any adverse trends To date there are no issues of concern,¡¨ the spokesperson said.In addition to the large number of police on the Sunshine Coast, resources could be called in to assist should it be necessary.

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