Sharks a normal thing here

The large fin seen off Bondi last night Photo: courtesy of Daniel Matthewson Eyewitness accounts December 7, 2005 - 5:12PM A large shark spotted off Bondi had scores of onlookers "screaming like monkeys" as swimmers rushed from the water. The four to five-metre long shark was seen in the waters off Mackenzie Point in Bondi at 6pm yesterday. About 100 terrified onlookers screamed warnings to swimmers and a resident alerted the Bondi Life Guard Service. Two lifeguards on jet-skis were sent out to warn the estimated 500 people swimming at Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi beaches at the time. "There were 100 people up the top screaming like monkeys," said one lifeguard who went out on a jet-ski to alert swimmers. With the help of onlookers, the two jet-ski riders quickly cleared the area around the shark of swimmers. "We moved on probably 10 people from the vicinity of where the shark was spotted," according to one lifeguard ,who said. "They were everything from a spear-fisherman to board paddlers, swimmers and sea paddlers." the shark was described as a "monster". one guard said "My estimate of its size would have to be, by the look of the fin, 14 feet [4.3 metres], 15 feet. The fin stood half a metre out of the water." But he said he wasn't scared by the shark. "I wasn't scared. I was just in awe," he said. "We're in its backyard, you kind of respect it. You have respect for the beast of the ocean. "I've spent my whole life in the ocean and had close encounters with one shark before, but this thing was the king of the ocean. I mean, it could have eaten us at any time." The Life Guard Service had patrolled the coast this morning but found no sign of the shark. Be warned it can be worse as in our waters in Northern Queensland Saltwater crocodiles can be found Usually from Cairns and above; To be honest I have never seen a croc in the sea only in a creek, I have absolutely no wish to either as they can grow to a large size also. I did see a Shark down off Maroochydore beach last easter, and the swimmers were called out of the water; spotted by The shark air patrol, it soon vanished however. and here we are sweltering and need to cool off at the beach, not to worry we are a hardy and resourceful race and can cool off at a Pub lol

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