Is white Supremecy rearing it's ugly head in Australia

POLICE have launched raids on the homes of suspected white supremacists in Sydney, arresting a security guard and seizing a cache of guns and other weapons. A Sydney man, 25, was one of five arrested while allegedly carrying tanks of petrol into Brighton-le-Sands on Sunday. The other four have been released. NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said it appeared the men were "connected to a white supremacy group or groups It looks like we are heading back to the old days of when it was a white only policy in this land of ours. I can recall in the sixties before the decimal system was introduced of driving from a Sydney suburb to Mount Isa for work and as I went through Bourke in North West NSW and almost in Queensland I stopped at one of the numerous hotels there to quench my thirst; seeing a load of folk dressed in nurses uniforms non white of course and I stupidly asked the the licensee who they were and the reply was oh they are the nurses that tend to the blacks. We certainly don't want those days back; do some still want that or is it Middle East related. I think we shall find out soon enough; I stated in an earlier post that I had put it down to drunks but it seems this is not the case. What a world we all live in today, Grandmother would turn in her grave I just know it.

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