Cool Christmas day Forecast

According to the weather Bureau it will be a pleasant 26 Celsius. QUEENSLANDERS sweltered again yesterday with temperatures reaching the mid to high 30s across the southeast, but conditions are expected to improve before Christmas. Brisbane topped 35C and Ipswich was slightly hotter at 37C, while the Gold and Sunshine coasts recorded 34C and 33C respectively. A mite warmish but then think of it on the big day A just right temperature; oh I just recalled for our North American cousins 26 Celsius is 78.8 Fahrenheit see http://www.google.com.au/ when is the USA going to come inline with the rest of us on the Metric system? lets face it most of us have adopted their Metric Monetary system; ex British Empire countries; even Mother herself did, although I reckon they should have used the ten shilling unit and not their beloved Pound; we used the old ten shillings I know. Ok money and weather are not akin to each other, I will go and post this minute

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