Drunken Elephants

So drunken Elephants and not pink ones That is a difference for sure I read this in a science mag Tipsy Elephants Probably Poisoned, Not Drunk so there could be some truth in it who knows with science these days. There's a longstanding myth that African elephants sometimes get plastered on the fruit of the marula tree. As with many myths, there are some facts that fuel this one. Elephants do sometimes get visibly tipsy. The Marula fruit gains an alcohol content of about 3 percent after a few days on the ground. Elephants like the fruit. And elephants have been known to raid stores of beer and wine, suggesting a desire to imbibe. It seems they like their grog just like most of us even going so far as to raid stores of alcohol but this study I read reckons it would be very hard for a three ton Elephant to get drunk just eating this Marula fruit; something in this I reckon I shall have to look into this a little deeper; providing the airfare is a reasonable price Lol; researchers determined that a three-ton elephant eating like a pig, and consuming nothing but Marula fruit, would struggle to get smashed. Here's the kicker: Elephants prefer Marula fruit direct from the tree, not the stuff that's been lying around. does this guy really think we believe that? I mean why raid our hoarded stores of grog when these brutes prefer this Marula fruit So what about those occasionally tottering pachyderms? Researchers speculated that they've been poisoned instead. African elephants also eat the bark of the marula tree, these jokers note, and the bark is inhabited by the pupae of a beetle traditionally used to poison the tips of arrows. I bet these guys get a huge university grant to study the boozing habits of Elephants instead of something worthwhile like medical research etc; Do you seriously believe this I reckon they just like getting smashed like a lot of us do. Being an Elephant must be a stressful life after all it seems lol I wanna be an Elephant when I grow up Well they live longer I was told as well as grog on.

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