My first Christmas present for 2005

My daughter took me on a cruise for a Christmas gift this year unusual I thought. But simply great, well as we say here beaut. The food seafood naturally was simply superb. Air-conditioned comfort although it was pleasant up top with a breeze Now the menu fantastic Natural Oysters, huge Prawns Mud Crabs, Moreton bay Bugs, with fruit them bugs tasted far better than Lobster I thought. And astern (rear to landlubbers) of the boat the main course was fresh Barbecued Red Fin Fish I had thirds I was greedy but it was offered to me so I just tucked in and Calamari which as a rule I don’t like but this tasted well….yummy BYO and Tea/Coffee and a great desert completed the cruise so I was lucky to get the pictures I got except the last one which our charming host took for my Daughter and me All in all a fantastic Day still that’s Queensland for you. Thank you Georgina for a great day and a unique Christmas Present.

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  1. Anonymous19.11.06

    Nice! Very nice. I can almost smell the sea air and taste the bbq fish, yum. Thx for sharing your cruise.