Volunteers refloat 115 stranded whales IT SEEMS EVERYTIME I READ A NEWS REPORT LATELY WHALES ARE BEACHING THEMSELVES AND THIS SEEMS TO HAPPEN ALL OVER THE WORLD. This time it is in New Zealand but it happens here and in the USA I believe even Canada has it's share. A weird phenomenon for sure something akin to Elephants and their reputed graveyards do you think? I am not so sure as animals have common sense just as we do.All the same there has to be a reason for it. I think people feel a very strong connection with the whales and are quite touched by their plight,an observer at the scene said. and ordinary people it seems seem glad to get involved New Zealand, which has 41 whale species in its waters, has a high rate of strandings because of its long coastline and sometimes shallow waters. the one on the right pictured here is the Orca more commonly known as the killer Whale Oh well see you all have to see how littly is doing with Dad

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