Ah but I hear you say A pen with a Camera in it big deal I have one in my Mobile or cell phone most of us have; this is true but read on and look on. It now starts to get quite interesting really interesting in fact I can't wait to see my son's face if he ever sees what I have done here. I was astonished at first myself but soon got into it and in fact I like it. I made some phone calls regarding this as well as an e-mail to a friend, it is not that new one told me and apparently the company he runs uses it; I have to admit everytime I have been there I have never noticed it. I have no reason to disbelieve it of course no reason at all and in fact the e-mails I had from a friend showed several websites regarding this technology so the next time you amble into an office to interview a guy for a position with the company; I bet you are just thinking why is he sitting behind my bank of computer's lol

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  1. Anonymous26.12.05

    You are a cool Dude keep it up