THERE ARE MANY STORIES ABOUT THIS Some say and indeed proof has been unearthed of this Mythical King that he had his Kingdom in Wales; some say the West of England; and early Bronze Age. There is no archaeological support that Merlin supposedly Aurthur's Magician constructed Stonehenge. To the contrary, the last building event at Stonehenge was completed at least 1000 years before Arthur's time. There are no mass burials at Stonehenge, and no abbey ever stood near the ruins. Part of the legend is that Caliburn, the sword the young Arthur pulled from the stone, was forged from a sarcen that came from Stonehenge or Avebury. Avebury is roughly contemporaneous with Stonehenge and has an impressive (and typical) bank and ditch perimeter with 100 sarcen stones arranged in an inner circle. The town of Avebury was built inside the stone circle. The sarcen stone used to forge Caliburn may have had magical significance to the Celts. The final Battle of Camlann, in which Arthur was mortally wounded, is located by some historians as being fought on the Salisbury Plain. Excalibur may have been thrown into the confluence of the Avon, Bourne and Nadder at the site of present-day Salisbury. Other legends suggest that Excalibur was thrown into Loe Pool in southern Cornwall. Giving offerings to water deities was a common Celtic practice. Anyone who believes in Excalibur must surely still believe in the tooth Fairy lol still I always like the story of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere,and there may be some truth to Arthur who can tell for certain Arthur was supposedly born here in Tintagel Cornwall Getting back to the Henge which has been described as a stone age Computing device; the stones at Avebury must have been put there for a reason also and there has to be a link I think; I mself have seen these stones as I had a girl friend who lived in the village so we often went walking to the stones no snickering thoughts please? yes ok you got it right I was only 16 years of age at the time.oh to be 16 again, AND then not now; and you know something if my Family do not read this post they never will know about that young lady either, LOL Surrounding the Outer Circle is a ditch and bank which is close to a mile in circumference forming a henge. No that I was really interested at the time lol. Gosh they used miles not roods or perches lol Within the Outer Circle are two Inner Circles, Northern and Southern. The Northern Inner Circle still boasts the impressive remains of a cove and is thought to represent the female aspect (see photograph of the cove stones below) . The Southern Inner Circle used to have a large obelisk at its centre and is thought to represent the male aspect.I reckon it was self explanatory but there you go. regarding Stonehenge they did have some ceremony once a year and I have been But the last time on a visit it had been walled off and a charge was levied to enter; it had been desecrated by mindless souls just to get a laugh I guess. I shall not post tomorrow as it is Christmas Day where I hang my hat; in fact in two hours time it will be . and maybe not on the 26th either as we have a holiday left over from our former British Masters called Boxing Day. An enjoyable Christmas with Your Family and friends to all of my reader's and enjoy your Turkey or whatever you eat at this time of the year.

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