Queensland Cop a drunken driver

AN off-duty police officer has been caught three times over the alcohol limit driving home from his work Christmas party – in a paddy wagon. The constable, 41, careered off a harbourside street in Bowen, south of Townsville, early yesterday morning, wiping out a fence and damaging the front of the vehicle. He was on his way home from the Bowen Memorial Services Bowls Club after partying with workmates;Courier Mail. a quiet place Bowen and bloody hot as well still I guess the wrong thing was done especially now we have courtesy buses to take folk home; another scheme which was around was a $2 cab fare subsidised by various drinking establishments, I don't know if that one is still going but buses are. ok yeah so he did the wrong thing but I have done it not proud of it but all in all only minor damage occured; I still hope he evades a gaol term as all in all I have found cops in Queensland country areas fine; yep thats the word just fine him heavily ok.

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