I don't live in a bubble

I do not live in a bubble. If one thinks about this, whatever you’re political bent the man is the head of state of the largest democracy in the world; of course he doesn’t live in a bubble as the media would have us believe. Why he actually answered the question on NBC nightly news has me stumped. Naturally he reads news papers and the odd Television like most of us. The only bubble he is in is the one of security; he knew this from the word go, Ok so the guy made a few mistakes don’t we all. He may or may not have made a huge one with Iraq but he had helpers in his ears like us and the Brits; it is far too late to back out now and I whilst not in love with him or his policies think he needs all the support he can get. Remember it is better the devil you know than the one you don't; I myself have never forgotten those words December 13, 2005 - 1:27PM this is from an Australian newspaper US President George Bush says he does not live "in a bubble". He said that he is well aware of what is going on outside the White House, rejecting critics' claims that he is out of touch with public opinion. "I don't feel in a bubble," he said in an interview on NBC Nightly News. Bush said he gets "really good advice" from "very capable people" and that people from all walks of life provide information to him and his advisers. "I feel very comfortable that I'm very aware of what's going on," Bush said. But Bush did acknowledge the bubble of security that prevents him from enjoying ordinary experiences. "I mean you feel in a bubble in the sense that I can't go walking out the front gate and you know, go shopping, like I'd love to do for my wife," he said. Asked how much television news and newspapers he regularly consumes, Bush moved to dispel a myth that grew a few years ago after he told an interviewer that he does not read newspapers. "Every morning I look at the newspaper," Bush told NBC. "I can't say I've read every single article in the newspaper. But, I definitely know what's in the news. "Occasionally, I watch television. I don't want to hurt your feelings. But it's occasionally," Bush said jokingly. "But I'm very aware of what's in the news. I'm aware because I see clips. I see summaries," he said, adding that staffers also brief him on "what's brewing today".

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