Lennox head is a beautiful spot that lies between Ballina and Byron Bay; in fact there are many beaut spots there that at one time I had considered moving to Lennox head instead of the Sunshine Coast in Queensnland and the distance is not far really about 350 kilometres or 400 whatever. It also has a variety of small shops; Restaurants; Couple of milk bars; and yes don't panic it has a pub and a licensed club as well for those who feel like imbibing. oh yes a Doctor's surgery all in all a great little place. For more variety in your shopping the best place would be Byron Bay itself as it has the larger chain stores; but I found on my trips there that Ballina was good too and boasted clubs and a Pub. one will usually find a watering hole wherever one goes in this land and not just to sell Alcohol now but soft drinks by the score. Cape Byron is the most easterly point of Australia by the way and if one is a casual person then it is definitely for you not the cape so much as the town and the beach. And a beaut beach as well; all our beaches are beaut lol just had to ram that home. so come on over why don't you I will be here for a while yet I hope.

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