George takes the blame for the Bagdad Butcher

Well he has no choice really but I do think if it had been all finished much quicker than it was;( well it is not really finished yet is it) the world would not have whinged so much. So easy to say in hindsight I know see, Sydney paper news report; Of course if one casts their minds back he was not alone in all this and the U.N was dithering as usual details so I think in MHO the right decision at the time was made; nobody likes war naturally maybe if his Father a former president had carried on in 1991 things would have been different, hindsight again. still progress has been made and although many lives have been lost (mainly American of course) Iraq is now a democracy. what sticks in my craw is the fact that after so much has been done there and the terrible price it cost; the coalition are not really wanted there at all. the French well they are not worth discussing; by French I mean their Government. Hopefully the Butcher of Bagdad will not be alive much longer; he alone is costing money; a Kangaroo court would have solved that issue much quicker methinks

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