This Cur in court had the hide to complain about his treatment as a Prisoner; accused the United States military;of being beaten in custody his secret Police never did such things did they? no of course not they were just Summarily executed without a trial; then they were just buried in the Desert; he at least is getting one; "I have been hit by the Americans and tortured," Saddam said towards the end of a hearing in which he was largely subdued. I don't think many people are sorry for him being beaten what sticks in my craw is the U.S.Marine who has been charged for allegedly killing a combatatant who played dead; he could be in the stockade now for all I know; here we have to sit and read of this mangy cur's allegations on his Gaoler's while another MAN who was laying his life on the line to get rid of scum like Saddamm Hussein; ACLU again was it? bunch of clowns. "I have been beaten on every place of my body, and the signs are all over my body." I am weeping; like hell I am. Saddam and seven co-defendants including Barzan are charged with crimes against humanity relating to the killing of 148 people from the mainly Shi'ite village of Dujail, north of Baghdad, in the 1980s. Prosecutors say Saddam ordered the killings in reprisal for a failed bid to assassinate him in the village in 1982. The first witness today, Ali Hassan al-Haidari, spoke calmly and coherently, saying Barzan had kicked him once as he lay in a hallway suffering from a fever. "He said to the guards 'Do not treat him, this family does not deserve to live'," Haidari said. There have of course been many incidents like this one so as we all know the dog is almost dead; I personally hope he is executed in public and he is abused first like they did in Merry Olde England when taken to the scaffold; like throwing rotten fruit at the Scum etc; A great shame in a way that the First military Man on the scene of his Hidy hole had not killed him but then I guess the world's press would be covering his trial; how Ironic. As a footnote the British and Americans kept this sick manic dog going long before 1991 just so as you all know; the reason, Oil!

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