`AIRCRAFT SUCH AS THE TWO PICTURED SOMETIMES BUT NOT ALWAYS MADE AN APPEARANCE IN THE SKIES ABOVE WHERE I WAGGED SCHOOL AND IN GENERAL HAD FUN. As the war came to it's conclusion not that us kids really cared; we were given lectures on how to behave in a Flying Bomb attack I did find out a few years later they were Rockets and two types as well; I can recall being told I would know by the sound of one which type it was but I have honestly forgotten. I myself and all my mates were more interested in making money and on November 5 Guy Fawkes day I recall being at my spot on the Gosport Portsmouth Ferry wharf with a Wheel barrow and a huge model of a guy in it with a sign saying penny for the guy. with these earnings well supplemented by American silver Dollars we bought our Fireworks ; this was a joint effort between us lot. I never told Mother about that one. I can also recall coming back from Portsmouth on the ferry and it ran adrift on something so the Royal Navy came to our rescue and took most of us off the ferryboat but not Mother oh no, I am not climbing over that railing she said; we were listing badly so a burly Petty officer just picked her up and deposited her with the rest of us. That was the talk of the school for days so I had to attend; The ferry was then floated off of whatever it was she was aground on. . Course the enemy was after both places as I realised in later life as Portsmouth was and still is a huge Naval Dockyard and Gosport on the other side housed the Submarines, we could never get in there but I have been to the Dockyard in the School holidays on Navy Days but that was after the war. We really celebrated on V.E night as you can Imagine the adults closed the streets to what little traffic there was and set out tables and chairs, benches etc and it was a huge celebration and I mean huge; Beer, all sorts of Drinks and food that had been hoarded away came out, and celebrations went on for well simply ages, Days I guess. we built a huge bonfire and had a guy made up to look like old Hitler hanging with a rope around his neck; and there were fireworks galore; I recall being hit in the leg by a rocket that didn't go up like it should and whooshed along at ground level untill it hit me. Well thats it for tonight as I remember more I will post it

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