About time this was dropped

Surely there must be far more urgent things to do than keep on with this whole sorry affair; stop the time wasting and MONEY and concentrate on larger problems this was not a problem it was an error that’s all plain and bloody simple. As far as I’m concerned I’m damm certain this poor bloke’s family don’t wish to keep being reminded of this sad episode any longer. The Buck stops with the present incumbent PM (will he or won’t he retire) so Honest John why not do that and stop wasting public monies on this sort of thing hell have you no conscience at all no feelings? Ah yes you have you need to show us your people why you need to be in charge I had forgotten that silly me. Personally although I have read this underlined {report} a lot in my view is just so much bullshit the man was a trained soldier for heavens Sake and in a war zone to boot he would have known all these safety rules regarding firearms. I still recall mine even now from what oh from 48 years ago now. Who do you think you are kidding with this rubbish just let it drop mate and leave this family alone Sounds as though these investigating officers are bullshit artists as well or is it a career they are more interested in; the latter I think. I do hope you read this Kim Beazley opposition leader bring it up in the house would you especially if you wish to get into power again after a very long absence putting up with the clowns we have at the moment.

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