Poor Old Britain.

I see that the citizens of the UK are actually enjoying a little of our Aussie weather while it seems to be getting cooler here but then it is midwinter. I just looked at my thermometer and its registering 15degrees Celsius still it will soon warm up again in the morning. I feel for the babies and the elderly of course as high temperatures can be a killer, but it should be ok for the average person. Still I guess if you are not used to it; it can become bothersome. The floods seem crook over there as well so I have just sent this article I read to a friend from Melbourne as she is going there soon for a holiday; this month in fact so I hope it holds for her as it can get quite cold down in Melbourne I assure you. Have a Good holiday Jan and enjoy yourself over there especially your trip to the Emerald Isle. ``````````````````````````````````````````````

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