Looky looky the cyber cops are coming what a hoot

This has got to be a hoot surely an ally of America thinks it is spying on them no doubt it is but then they spy on other allied nations as well as the ones that need to be looked at,[Courtesy ] I reckon we all spy on one another myself Rather a bit of the pot calling the kettle black I would have thought. The sub continent needs a close eye on it in my opinion so who can blame Mr Bush from doing this no doubt our AISO is keeping a watchful eye there even if we do play cricket against them. This is of course internet or cyber spying as it seems to be called these unruly days. It seems that the Americans were as astonished as their Indian counter parts. Could this be an act do you think? Possible I reckon yeah you have to think long and hard about that one. Personally I think the alleged spying was too keep an eye on them and not the web. Maybe it is because there are so many Indians in the USA? Well just a thought. In 2004, the alleged defection of Indian agent Rabindra Singh may have concerned the United States who really knows? But whatever besides this cyber spying there are larger issues here let’s face it; India and their foe across the Border Pakistan are both nuclear power countries and need to be watched closely very closely indeed. Both are volatile people. It is a shame that the UK split the sub continent up after WW11 but that was ordained I Believe before the war; it has wreaked havoc there but then the Brits were not too crash hot at governing them either; the good old British Raj; good my eye. No internet then just plain greed by the Brit’s and it is coming back to haunt them as there are many Indians and Pakistanis there now born there as well, And all or most are into the net I bet; this is not to say spying is done though. Think of all the porn peddlers who browse this web they need to be stopped right this second in all countries. Funds have been stolen as can be seen here on [ZD] net. Not just by Indians either it is done by a lot of greedy people so you can't just blame India for that. But folks they also have dare I say it weapons of mass destruction. In my book that means keeping a strict Fatherly eye on them and hell look at Israel in the Lebanon what will happen if some clown uses a nuclear warhead; I have said my piece about those two countries prior to this.

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