The King is dead (hopefully) long live the King

Look out Mr. Howard you and your smirking offsider Costello may be due for a rude shock Your downfall hopefully; I and millions of other Australians certainly hope so. You could well have stuffed up; now I am not saying that you have been a bad Prime minister these are rare occasions of course;VERY RARE although you still have the usual politician’s nasty habit of lying through your teeth; oh boy do you ever, but maybe this will ease the fears of most workers and pensioners a tad ,I put that wrong as a hell of a lot of us want our fear's relieved maybe then that Costello character may finally vanish as a threat to us pensioners and workers (usually called battlers here) as even though us older people received a bonus you guys just about take the cake with your pay rises and publicly subsidised Booze and tucker in Canberra, a follow on from your UK counterparts no doubt. Did you really think you had us fooled because you didn’t what with publicly subsidised travel in the ACT which has been a rort for years. Both main political parties knew and condoned that naturally so I guess you should not take all the blame for that. Why should the rest of Australia pay for that; you compounded that error by uniting with the President of the United States and committed our troops to a war which we the public did not want. Still now there is a ray of hope for us now. I just hope that little ray multiplies so I think I may have a beer on it a premature celebration. ```````````````````````````````````

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