An open letter to the Israeli Prime minister.

FOR STARTERS IT’S NO GOOD MAKING COMMENTS LIKE THIS. All here on this report from the {Sydney Morning Herald} I quote” The mandate for this force "will have to include control of the border crossings between Syria and Lebanon, deployment in south Lebanon and support for the Lebanese army," you did get one thing right of course and ask for European troops rather than the United Nations. However it’s not control over border crossings so much as enforcing those crossings and with gunfire if necessary otherwise you may as well have the weak mandate the UN employs. Another factor here is your bold talk about you will allow it; if those countries including the United States decided to just do it what could you in all honesty do? Make press reports? I don’t think so. It is TIME this was stopped by all warring factions including your own so the sooner you think a little and for the safety of the whole world Cease this bloodshed the better. Wake up to yourself your own citizens are in fear of THEIR lives and you have only just now decided a course of action; GET REAL MAN WILL YOU.


  1. Anonymous24.7.06

    Call me a crazy, but since this shit has been happening since 1948, I sincerely doubt any sort of significant ceasefire will ever occur. These are terrorists Israel is dealing with. They are not an ongoing, continuously existing nation. They are rodents that are born and bred with hate throughout the years.

    How do you rid yourself of rodents? Exterminate them.

    Israel has sat back and let itself be pushed around for far too long. It's way overdue that they flex some muscle and show that they're sick and tired of it.

    A ceasefire is not peace. A ceasefire is putting broiling tensions on hold until someone snaps and starts everything up again. Peace only comes as a result of victory. Victory comes through defeating your enemy.

  2. you sir or madam are surely entitled to your point of view.
    Mine is not the same as your’s although I do agree that the Jews have been pushed around for far too long.
    All we need is peace in the Middle East that’s all regardless of whether you think some are rodents.
    They flexed their muscle as I recall in the six day war.
    Britain has a lot to answer for this way back in 1948 when it was cultivating the Arabs and denying Jews the right to go to Palestine as it was then called.
    I too think that but we need stability in the region NOW but I thank you for the comment anonymous