A shocking tale for sure

This guy wrongly convicted and what’s more incarcerated for 23 years what a terrible thing to happen, how you ask the DNA used to convict him all those years ago was the wrong DNA it was not his at all. This is not the first time this has happened either as I read once of a similar occurrence in the UK the police were adamant the accused was the criminal and he did time for it; it took an American team to find out the truth. But this guy well the mind [boggles] 23 years and it wasn’t him at all. Seems he is eligible for up to $48.000 for each year he was wrongly locked up only up to you notice and then conditions apply to get this he must agree not to file suit. He surely will need advice on that one. Racial overtones stick out here I reckon it allegedly occurred in a southern state and yep you got it in one the poor guy was a darker shade of pale. Obviously there has to be more to this story than what is in this report but a wrongful conviction stinks in my book. Me I would say the hell with you I am filing suit he may just get the $48.000 for each year then and I would want it tax free as well.

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