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A day I shall never forget ever. On the twentieth of July 1969 (the twenty first here in Australia and the UK I guess)I I was just working at my usual boring job setting up automatic lathes to make screws stuff like that but 384,400 km [approximately 239.000 miles] away a much more interesting thing was happening. So interesting that in fact I walked off the job at midday and went home to watch the historic event on TV of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Now kindly thanks to the BBC UK news I can watch it again on [here]. In fact there are three videos of this on this report if you wish to watch them; it brought back a few memories to me I can tell you. There is also a lot of info regarding all the moon landings on here and makes for very [interesting] reading especially if you are a space fanatic like me. I just wish my father had been able to watch it with me as he actually came into contact with some later astronauts whilst working at the Folland Aircraft Company in the UK the original makers of the Hawker Harrier (later taken over by the Hawker Aircraft Company). His very words to me one time was “those guys can fly anything” and he of course was correct I mean look what they flew. The words Tranquility Base the Eagle has landed will always be remembered by me as are Neil Armstrong’s famous words that’s one small step for Man one giant leap for Mankind and how very true. Kindly sourced from the BBC UK and the West Australian government.

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