Slave labour in Good old Oz never

Yep according to this news [item ] a bloke is in the jug for doing it greedy bastard. Owns four restaurants; I don’t wonder at it if he has slave labour doing his work. This kind of thing does happen here I discovered once but now it is getting hard for greedy blokes like Yogalingham Rasalingam I’m wondering here if he has permanent residency himself or is even an Australian citizen still I guess that will come out at his trial. If he is a naturalised citizen and is found guilty methinks he should be stripped of it and deported back from whence he came namely the sub continent and let them have him why should the taxpayer pay to keep him in gaol is my thinking. Of course on the other hand he may well be found innocent but after reading this from the SMH I don’t think so. Who knows? His alleged Slave had to work 11 hours a day with no pay and no hope of getting out of his predicament; this joker held his passport I gathered.

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