A normal thing in today's society sadly

STUDENTS will be banned from buses and trains if they don't give up their seats for elderly passengers under new rules which come into effect in [New South Wales] today. The last time I took a train ride in suburban Sydney many years ago most kids had their feet on other seats as well; usually with their shoes still on. Warnings will be issued over loud speakers at stations advising students they face losing their concession passes for disrespectful behaviour. Under the rules, students will be forced to vacate seats for the elderly and frail and for pregnant women. This was unnecessary when I was a child I did it anyway; I was brought up that way and possibly some children today are. As soon as they get to school that is thrown out the window; now we have days like help the elderly or help a young Mother with her baby stroller down steps etc but the next day all is forgotten and life goes on in the twenty first century like it is doing and will in my opinion only get worse It will get worse well it is in a lot of places students with firearms stuff like that so sadly we are getting out of control. One can comment on this site directly to the [source] also as well as on my Blog.

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