The Great Petroleum Hike in Prices

What the devil is wrong with this Loonie who runs the shebang in North Korea? Why is he doing all this rocket firing? Is it to prove a point if that is the case what is this point as it’s got me stumped? Seems to me he is acting like a Megalomaniac nah thinking a tad more about it he is a MEGALOMANIAC. What I don’t quite understand is why it is pushing up petrol prices in Australia. but I do now have an idea after this report I read And according to this report President Bush seems to think there is not much to worry about, but is concerned all the same; but that’s not what I read earlier. Something else has provoked this maniac to do this; maybe he just wishes to make his authority known who knows but as a simple citizen of a country very close to North Korea I feel worried about this very much and I hear our erstwhile PM has cancelled a trip there. It does appear that instability can push up the price of oil after all This matter can and must be resolved as it is bringing instability to the region well the whole world. ```````````````````````````````````````````

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