Another war profiteer surely not.

This bloke lives it up throwing a ten million party last year and according to a retired USMC Colonel said the Pentagon hired him instead of spreading the contract around between quite a few companies; his pay skyrocketed to 70 Million Dollars a year meanwhile for the first nine months of the war American forces were in the main without state of the art body armour[Alternet] for nine months; hell I just can’t imagine a sum that vast. So does this means lives could have been saved I think so. Too much of this goes on and not just in the USA either; personally it makes me sick to the stomach. Most folk are either earning a decent wage or battling it out on social security and this bloke rakes in so much its unreal and has the hide to throw huge bashes in NYC. Still investigations are now underway; no doubt he will slither out of all this. Most of them cut some deal or other. And does POTUS care I think not. ````````````````````````````````````````````````

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