"Mosquito Wing' flies high for Air Force team"

And to think when I was a boy of 15 I myself was stationed there at RAF Cosford in Wiltshire UK for a few months. Times have changed there I bet I managed some gliding there on Sundays. The championships were held at Cosford it seems. Well done Duchala as it seems you put the effort in and won and by a fair margin as well it seems from this report by 36 and a half metres. The 1500 metres race is a difficult one as I know to my cost being an athlete at that age well I started out younger than that and you did as well it seems. But you still pulled off a win for the USAF so I thought I would post this plucky effort on my Blog even though it made news in your own country. WELL DONE MOSQUITO. Report courtesy of the USAF [MILITARY] news. ``````````````````````````````````````

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