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It appears that women were abused even in the Stone Age and killing was rife; nothing new in that then and here is silly old me thinking it was only in our day or age it happened, so this naturally came to my attention. So those cavemen stories about men dragging their women folk along by their hair while wielding a club seems to be true; nothing has changed much really just fists, iron bars, slabs of wood, firearms are now used now. on a survey of the Neolithic age in Great Britain. Why it was and still is called Great is a bit of a misnomer really when you think just how small the country was and still is. `````````````````````` It happened in Ancient Egypt so I read as well and there appears to be more evidence in the case of the Ancient Egyptians I guess Sherlock Holmes and his offsider Dr Watson would have had a field day. The pattern of injuries suggests that they were the result of injuries to a women yep we sure have changed a lot I don’t think. And yet at the same time oddly enough The ancient Egyptians respected the status of women and admitted their role on an equal footing with men they even had queens. If you are interested in Ancient Egyptian culture it might pay to read this; I myself found it quite interesting. And modern Egyptian women even have full political rights now and rightly so as it took long enough for western modern women to obtain those rights but at least they got them well before modern day Egypt; That is another story for another day

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