Some odd looking Ships/Boats ENJOY

Somebody who shall be nameless sent me these pics via e-mail so I guess I should show them to the world. In actual fact I noticed they originated from a [Yahoo group] called Mumbai Hangout so I must credit them. This is their site I may join well ok look into it at least as I am in rather too many groups and thingies at the moment, although I did find a good one courtesy of a friend and joined it called FreeCycle; I recommend it as well; it has all different categories as some are buy and sell I noticed; a darned good idea in my opinion in all categories. Odd and different yes which makes a change from my usual rants on politics and needless wars going on at the moment. This last one looks like a Submarine good old Photo Shop at work there I reckon. All pictures are bigger if clicked upon. ````````````````````````````````

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