Walking in space.

Seems the cost of walking in space is exorbitant one suit alone costs $12 million can they be used by other astronauts at a later date? According to this report yes and this was years ago and a Russian suit so things have improved by now as shown. This suit has all mod cons built in of course including water to drink cooling system etc etc. If you wish to see the video footage of the space walk from Discovery look no further than here. For the complete lot of clips this is a good one to click I reckon I only wish it was me and I kid you not. Surely if the U S Government can afford that they could spend more making life easier for its citizens starting with the ones that are not that well off financially. Still it’s in our nature to be inquisitive so I guess if we want to walk around in a near vacuum the price has to be paid. This one is a prototype of a suit to be worn on the surface of Mars this was taken two years ago in yep South Australia doncha just love the patches on the arms I do look out NASA lol. sources BBC

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