Yeah well.

Its true that I think none of us coalition forces should have gone to Iraq but you know what they say Quote “TO THE VICTOR COMES THE SPOILS” unquote. Who really knows whether the American forces force fed him or not; most of us the great unwashed just have to rely on reports such as these from the media. The man was a tyrant and mass murderer it is to be hoped it will be proved in a courtroom and an IRAQI COURTROOM by the way. Deep down all we wish to see is this bloke brought to justice, this type of thing happens in all wars whether one thinks that we the coalition forces went there and finally found this bloke cowering in a hole or not. He is now being held accountable by the new government of Iraq and it is just too bad for him. Yes I know the United States sold him arms as did the Brits, us Aussies had a deal going with him for the sale of wheat. Whatever; it is just about now done with well almost; folk are still being murdered there everyday. Horrific and so is the cost. I do hope the new Iraqi government is coughing up the cash for this fiasco; a foregone conclusion I reckon. Report courtesy {SMH}

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