Aussie war games Costello style

I myself recall John Howard saying this on TV why all the fuss and ado. I am not in love with him or his policies but I assure you good people of our country Costello would be far worse much worse. Cast your minds back when Bob Hawk was the PM once Keating took over from him nothing was the same; Paul Keating was a fine treasurer and in the end a fine PM. Not so with this smirking schoolboy Costello all he is interested in is how to get rich and to make conservatives richer at the behest of the Aussie battler and pensioners. Better the devil we have now than the one we could get. Mind you it may not pan out that way as Costello is despised whereas Howard is tolerated. He was once belittled I agree but he was not so bad a treasurer not the best of course but as PM a lot of the world respect him I don’t like any conservative government myself never have but that is my opinion; all the same Howard is doing a pretty competent job and I hate admitting that. Costello yeah well to me he’s a jumped up smirking crud and woe betide Australia if he ever becomes PM which is on the cards as the truth will out as Howard did say that about retiring on the 7.30 report with Kerry O’Brien. Still it could be the liberal party’s death knell for yet another term as Costello is not a popular man.

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