Big Problem George

Get real Cenk Uygur will you do you seriously think than IRAN will agree to give up nuclear testing weapon inspection and on top of all these no no’s curb Hezbollah! I have never read such garbage in my life. Yeah of course I would like see that as would a lot of other folk around the globe all this mark you on George Bush who doesn’t really know what he’s doing You then compound your error by saying I quote “of course I don’t think he will do it “unquote. {Source} Why the hell write it then I thought you were a responsible journalist it seems not. George will fiddle and fart around here nothing will be gained in fact the way I see it it could make matters far worse than they are at present. He is I read somewhere more or less encouraging Israel; I don’t really blame Israel for striking back being treated the way they are and I reckon always will be. At the same time Israel is causing horrific loss of life in the region Some will say ah the Arabs deserve it not so this mob Hezbollah is just a warlike mob and I guess if Israel had not struck back would have attempted to get rid of Israel altogether and this was publicly stated if you recall. Not many like old George me included but this is a dilemma for him. He has to change his advisors to salvage some self respect as he is fast losing his. Jokes aside he is the leader of a large nation and could maybe pull something out of the bag but I doubt it. If he can pull something out of the bag well it will be a plus for him when he finally goes in 2008 as it stands at the moment in my opinion he may well go down as the worst ever President the USA has had. Personally I don’t really give a damm but it is not a good thing to happen to a leader of a very powerful democracy; shameful in fact. As it is he is still in a very dicey position if the Democrats do favourably in their elections within the Congress of the United States and just maybe get a majority well who knows it all depends on the voters I guess You must stop this senseless mayhem George never mind Iran for goodness sake just try to stop this before it is too late. This could well be the beginning of the end for us on this planet we call home.

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