Well I’ll be blowed

This is one thing that had not really occurred to me at all. It seems the President of the USA George. W. Bush has a blog supposedly of his own and has in fact been asked by the CIA to close it down in the interests of national security. This was in 2004 so he may have done so now. Well it was still active on December 17 2005 here is the {address} signs it Dubya as well lol. Maybe a lot of you good folk out there knew this but I sure didn’t. I suppose the CIA asked him to get rid of it in 2004 for security reasons. Yes I guess he is known for the odd inopportune remark well that’s an understatement of course but as with all of us surely he has a private life and if he wants to blog it that’s entirely his business. I can however understand that to a very large extent he could disclose vital info as was suggested by John E. McLaughlin who at the time was the acting CIA director. All up I don’t think he is as stupid as he is portrayed; I myself am guilty of calling him stupid but in a democratic country I guess its allowed as I sound off at my Head Honcho a fair bit. I have now been wondering {and searching} to see if Queen Elizabeth the second has a blog but no luck so far although she does have an ipod and an {official} [website]. Back to George yes he has an {official}[website] but I knew this as I guess a lot of you out there in cyber space did. Nice to know you are a blogger mate I do hope you read other blogs especially the ones who are very disgruntled with you. I guess you have an ipod as well Huh! ah well most of us have these days. You have been blogging a lot longer than me soooo any tips mate? Ah good on ya George you have to have a little hobby. source from the Onion

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